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myki is an easy to use, reusable travel card that is your ticket to travel on Melbourne's public transport network, and some regional train and bus services across Victoria. Simply touch on and touch off your myki to make sure you have a valid ticket.


The Zone 1 and 2 iUSEpass is your tick to travel to and from your institution; across all of Melbourne including places as far as 50kms from the centre. If you plan to study in a regional centre your travel within the area will be covered.

Cost Saving

Your iUSEpass reduces the cost of a fll fare annual pass by 50 percent, allowing you to save money; and travel as much as you want throughout the year.

Explore Melbourne and regional Victoria

Your iUSEpass will cover you for travel in the zone/s in which you study but you can reach all these destinations by adding myki money to your card.

St Kilda

St Kilda is like a town inside a city. Laid back and beachy, the area takes on a feeling all its own. It’s not a sleepy town though, with bars and backpackers populating the main strip. St Kilda is also home to some of Melbourne’s most popular festivals and most iconic venues. The route 96 transport takes you straight there from the city.


Ballarat is a must visit for anyone spending time in Victoria. Why? It’s not just its sleepy country town vibe, vintage markets and attractions, it’s that Ballarat holds so much of the state’s history. Sometimes called the Gold Rush town, Ballarat is famous for being at the centre of the mining boom of the 1800’s. You'll need to top up with myki money, but V/Line has regular services that will take you to Ballarat in an hour.

Brighton Beach

Arguably the most famous beach in Melbourne, Dendy Street Beach would have to be your first stop when you make it down to the Bayside area. While the name might not ring any bells, once you set eyes on the colourful bathing boxes dotted along the beach, you’ll see where it gets its reputation. Get there on the train directly from the city.


surf’s Up! Once you’ve made it Torquay by catching a train to Geelong and bus to Torquay (top up with myki money first), you’re in for a chilled out, surfy time. The main attraction here is the beach, the surf, and the surfing you can do on that surf. That’s not to say there’s nothing else to do, it’s a bustling town, but you can’t come here and miss the beach.

Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is a great place to spend a couple of days, moving along the coast at different stages. The most popular destinations along the peninsula are all within easy reach of Melbourne. Rye, Rosebud, Portsea and Sorrento are all classic summer destinations that come alive in the holidays. But with it being such a short trip from Melbourne, it’s also the perfect place to head down for a weekend year-round. You can use your iusepass to travel to Franktson, or catch the train to Stony Point.

Ferntree Gully

Ferntree Gully is your gateway to The Dandenongs. Nestled at the foot of the mountains, it’s a sleepy suburb that’s only a short jounrey from the city, but leads you to what feels like a far-away land full of forests and trails. Take the train from the towards Belgrave and you will arrive at Ferntree Gully Railway Station in about an hour.


Werribee is a place that feels very close and very far away from Melbourne, all at once. Halfway between Melbourne and Geelong, it’s a getaway that’s just minutes away. If you had just one day in Werribee, the two must sees are the Werribee Open Range Zoo and the historic Werribee Park. Take the train that runs directly to Werribee from the city.

South Yarra

Forget the catwalks of Paris and London – South Yarra has a real life catwalk, and its name is Chapel Street. Home to some of the best boutiques, trendiest eateries, and art house cinemas, you could spend a whole weekend in just this part of town.


A fascinating mix of people can be found in Brunswick. It may also have something to do with the great coffee, but the amazing music venues, markets and outdoor areas probably help too. You can get there on the 112, the route 86 tram or catch the South Morang line to Merri or Northcote.



Rivaling Melbourne with its cosmopolitan vibe and sporting culture, its proximity to beaches and the waterfront are giving Melburnians a real run for their money. The best place to start off in Geelong would have to be the waterfront. Beautiful views, ocean breezes, sunshine what more can you ask for? Top up with myki money to get there on the train from the city in under an hour.